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Diamond color and value

Normally diamonds are graded on a scale from D to Z, D being the whitest, and Z having a pale yellow or brown tint. If a diamond's color falls out of the normal color range of D to Z, then it is considered a fancy color. Yellow (Canary yellow), Orange, Green, brown, black, Blue, purple, and Red are some of the thousands of different colored diamonds found in nature. These diamonds are graded on a fancy colored diamond scale:


  • Faint

  • Very Light

  • Light

  • Fancy Light

  • Fancy

  • Fancy Intense

  • Fancy Vivid

  • Fancy Deep

  • Fancy Dark

Color Saturation

When considering a natural fancy colored diamond there are unique factors to keep in mind that are quite different from white diamonds. Generally, color saturation and intensity plays a more important role then clarity when determining desirability and dollar value. In other words, unlike white diamonds, small differences in clarity do not have such a large impact on fancy colored diamond prices.


Colored diamonds are not cut to the same proportions white diamonds are. While both white diamonds and colored diamonds are cut to maximize brilliance and sparkle, maximizing color intensity is first priority with colored diamonds.


Natural Fancy Colored diamonds sold by Nicolle's Jewelry Desings are accompanied with a grading laboratory report guaranteeing the color as natural. Lab "irradiated" diamonds are more affordable and trade for far less then Natural Colored diamonds.

Setting Fancy Colored Diamond

Colored diamonds should be set in jewelry that brings out its color. Fancy Yellows are most often set in 18 karat yellow gold prongs in either platinum or gold. We prefer to use no less then colorless D, E or F color diamonds as side stones to better contrast the yellow color center stone. We will design and build an exquisitely custom hand made piece around the diamond you choose.

Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds Information

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